Why Join Us?

Our employees, at all levels, regularly report very high levels of job satisfaction. We believe that one of the primary reasons is that our work is highly valued and appreciated by our clients.

We work hard to create a positive, responsive work environment and to unify us throughout our six offices. With a meaningful commitment to diversity and work-life balance, Hinckley Allen has been recognized as a premiere employer and “Best Place to Work.”

Build a real career with us at Hinckley Allen – use the support of a dedicated Professional Development team. Our resources – for mentoring, formal evaluation (performance management), continuing education, skills development, work allocation and more – are available as one of the ways we attract and retain some of the nation’s top legal talent.

The pay-off for our clients is a stable, collaborative, and experienced, team-based corps that is agile, responsive and effective.

Hartford Business Journal – Best Places to Work in CT 2017 | Providence Business News- Best Places to Work in RI 2017

Program Features

For attorneys and professionals:

  • Formalized structure for frequent performance evaluation and feedback
  • Thoughtful training and educational opportunities

For established attorneys and “lateral hires”:

  • Formal integration process for welcoming attorneys into the firm
  • Proven practice-building strategies and support
  • Ongoing investment in leadership and management development (including advanced courses and seminars at top law schools)

Performance Management

Everyone likes to know “how they’re doing” in the eyes of their colleagues, managers, and clients. Our formal Performance Management structure is organized so that you always know where you stand, based on the people who matter.

For associates and support staff, it means you have a clear set of expectations and you are appraised of your performance in pursuit of those goals.

For more senior members of the firm, Performance Management is more about how we interact with one another—and our clients—to set ourselves standards and guidelines for personal improvement and skills development.


We help our employees and colleagues build their skills in innumerable ways including extensive opportunities for in-house training in legal software, project management, communications skills, and more. We also provide tuition support to many of our associates and staff.

At the senior level, rich training and educational opportunities are available and supported throughout the firm. As appropriate, we sponsor senior partners to attend specialized seminars and courses at the top law schools in New England and beyond.


A century of “passing the torch” has fostered a robust culture of mentoring at Hinckley Allen from generation to generation. We engage junior members to facilitate meaningful interactions at all levels. Our goal is to develop some of the top legal minds for our clients.

One benefit of our “just-right” size is that opportunities to find mentors in specific disciplines—or mentors who share a particular personality or work-style—are abundant. But maybe the best way to understand how mentoring works at Hinckley Allen would be to set up a conversation with someone here who can share their candid thoughts and experiences.