Procurement processes—especially for public contracts—are often highly regulated by longstanding codes, practices, and regulations at various levels of government. Critical aspects of specifications, bidding and procedures are often obscured within the complex language of statutes, RFPs and other documents.

Construction & Public Contracts - Procurement Law

Navigating complex processes to stay competitive.

Our Professionals

We help navigate various statutes and codes including:


  • Contract Specifications and Engineering Documents
  • Bid instructions and advertisements
  • Bid protest word for construction and other procurement matters
  • Prevailing Wage Law
  • Public Works Contractors’ Bond Law
  • State & Federal Procurement Codes
  • Mechanics’ Lien Law
  • Municipal and other authority codes


To learn more about our Construction & Public Contracts practice, please contact one of our Practice Group Chairs: Joel Lewin: Chair, or James Barriere: Vice-Chair.