Risk Management & Surety

If you are a construction contractor, public concessionaire, designer or provider of sureties, you face significant risk with every project. We appreciate the financial, legal, administrative and practical aspects of managing risk and are ready to help you with proven safety, insurance, and bonding counsel. In addition, we’re here to assist you as you evaluate the nuances of various risk management tools.

Construction & Public Contracts - Risk Management & Surety law

We’ve been in your (safety) shoes.

Our Professionals

We offer proven insurance, safety, and bonding counsel. We also help evaluate the nuances of various risk management tools, including:


  • OCIPs
  • CCIPs
  • Professional E&O coverage
  • CPPL coverage
  • Builder’s Risk insurance
  • Pollution coverage
  • Completed operations coverage
  • Additional insured endorsements
  • Subcontractor default insurance
  • Performance and payment bonds
  • Letters of credit


To learn more about our Construction & Public Contracts practice, please contact one of our Practice Group Chairs: Joel Lewin: Chair, or James Barriere: Vice-Chair.