Bankruptcy, Creditors' Rights & Workout

When facing complex insolvency proceedings, you want counsel that fully appreciates every nuance and option available to you –with a practical approach toward achieving the best outcome. The Bankruptcy, Creditors’ Rights & Workout team at Hinckley Allen will help you craft a strategy to effectively deal with troubled companies and insolvency events. Our attorneys have the deep expertise and insight necessary to help you achieve your goals — whether you are in bankruptcy court, state law receivership proceedings, secured party sales, or out-of-court restructurings. We have successfully represented borrowers, lenders, indenture trustees, secured and unsecured creditors, and buyers looking to realize value from troubled assets.

Corporate & Business Law - Bankruptcy, Creditor's Rights, & Workout

The benefits of deep understanding—and a sensible perspective.

Our Professionals

We represent trade creditors who are seeking protection of their rights both in and out of bankruptcy court. We represent:


  • Buyers purchasing assets at bankruptcy court sales or through out-of-court-proceedings, including secured party sales.
  • Secured creditors seeking to enforce their rights under their security documents.
  • Landlords addressing rejection of, or assumption and assignment of, leases in bankruptcy court.
  • Creditors defending preference and fraudulent transfer actions.
  • Construction companies in navigating the intersection of bankruptcy, surety law and other construction-specific issues.
  • Vendors in connection with retail bankruptcies, with a focus on secured transactions and Article 9 issues.

Our work often goes beyond the bankruptcy court. For example:

  • We represent both borrowers and lenders in out-of-court restructurings. This often involves negotiating intricate workout transactions.
  • We frequently assist clients in structuring complex transactions to securitize loans for “bankruptcy remote” purposes.
  • We structure settlements to ensure the maximum protection for our clients.
  • We facilitate secured party sales of distressed assets.


To learn more about our Bankruptcy, Creditors’ Rights & Workout practice, please contact our Practice Group Chair: Jennifer V. Doran.

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