Aircraft Finance and Tax Trends, Issues and Opportunities

When: 06/20/2018
Speaker: Edward H. Kammerer
Other Speakers: Tobias Kleitman (moderator), Keith Hayes, David Labrozzi, and Suzanne Meiner-Levy
Where: New York

Hinckley Allen Partner Ed Kammerer is a panel speaker at the 8th Annual JetNet iQ Global Business Aviation Summit. Ed will discuss current finance and tax trends, issues, and opportunities affecting the aircraft industry.

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About JetNet:

The 2018 Summit speakers and panelists represent a virtual “Who’s Who” of business aviation – experts with unique perspectives on the industry’s present and future. JetNet is world leader in aviation market intelligence. Their researchers capture, on average, 500 major database “research event” changes per day. Priority research events include aircraft information, company information, financial documents, market status, and transactions. Learn more about JetNet here.

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