The Joy of Tax: Have the Reforms Boosted the Market?

When: 11/14/2018 at 12:25 p.m.
Speaker: Edward H. Kammerer
Other Speakers: Michael Kosnitzky, Net Stubbs, Jim Simpson, and Jeffrey Towers
Where: Miami, FL

Edward H. Kammerer is moderating a panel at the Corporate Jet Investor Miami 2018 Conference. The panel “The joy of tax: have the reforms bootested the market?,” will discuss the accelerated depreciation versus 1031. The two-day conference will once again bring together leading minds in the business of jet transactions. Learn more about the conference here.

About Corporate Jet Investor:

Corporate Jet Investor is an online publisher and international events organizer that focuses on connecting and informing the global business aviation industry. They publish a wide-range of free and premium content to help business aircraft buyers find finance in a tough economic climate, keep up-to-date with the changing market, and interact with industry specialists. Learn more here.

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