WEBCAST: Best Practices and Key Considerations to Maintain Compliance when Conducting Internal Investigations in a Post-COVID-19 Era

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On behalf of The Knowledge Group, Research Misconduct & Integrity Chair Elizabeth J. McEvoy will join an esteemed panel to discuss best practices and key considerations to maintain compliance when conducting internal investigations in a post-COVID-19 era. From The Knowledge Group:

Conducting an internal investigation is a critical step to consider when allegations of misconduct come to light. However, the increased organizational risks brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, including the significant uptick in complex internal complaints, have turned this aspect of business operation even more challenging.

Companies today must start prioritizing effective internal investigations strategies to avoid potential risks and issues. They need to adapt their approaches in the post-COVID-19 era while maximizing protection and compliance. Thus, practical preparedness related to the essential steps and guiding principles of internal investigation is necessary to weather all challenges that might come in the process. 

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