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WEBINAR: RI Society for Human Resource Management – 2021 Fall Legislative Conference

When: 09/15/2021 at 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. EDT
Speaker: Thomas J. Pagliarini

Associate, Thomas Pagliarini, will join an esteemed panel to discuss new Rhode Island legislation and how it will impact employers and HR professionals. From RI SHRM:

“Sarah R. Bratko, Esq. and Mickey Silberman, Esq. will begin the conference with a one-hour session on Rhode Island’s newly enacted pay equity bill and what it means for employers and HR professionals. As one of the lead negotiators of the final bill text, Attorney Bratko will provide attendees with a “deep dive” into the bill text and explain what they need to do to bring themselves into compliance. As a leading subject matter expert on pay equity legislation, Attorney Silberman will place Rhode Island’s bill in the context of larger legislative trends across the United States. Next, we will be joined by Thomas Pagliarini, Esq. for an overview of the 2021 legislative session at the Rhode Island General Assembly. Following Attorney Pagliarini’s discussion of new Rhode Island legislation and how it will impact employers and HR professionals, we will be joined by SHRM’s Vice President of Government Affairs, Lisa Horn. Leveraging her background as a Washington, D.C. insider, Vice President Horn will share her insight and perspective on federal legislative developments and trends, including what to expect from Democratic control of the White House, Congress, and federal administrative agencies. Our conference will conclude with a keynote session by Allison West, Esq. Attorney West is a nationally renowned subject matter expert on workplace investigations. She will present a one-and-a-half hour session on how to create “bulletproof” documentation that will withstand legal scrutiny.”

To learn more about this virtual event or to attend, please click here.