Municipal Restructuring/Chapter 9 Bankruptcy

We have first-hand experience with the Chapter 9 bankruptcy process. We draw on our full range of bankruptcy, workout, restructuring, financial, transactional, litigation, labor, public finance, and regulatory attorneys to provide comprehensive advice to struggling municipalities. We counsel state governments, municipalities, emergency managers, receivers, creditors, insurers, bond issuers and holders, and others who need representation or advice in connection with municipal restructuring, bankruptcy, and other issues related to distressed financial situations.

Corporate & Business Law - Municipal Restructuring and Chapter 9 Bankruptcy

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  • Hinckley Allen served as special counsel to the state-appointed receiver in the Chapter 9 bankruptcy of the City of Central Falls, Rhode Island. The Hinckley Allen team assisted the receiver in all aspects of the Chapter 9 case, including addressing the city’s expenses to restore a positive financial situation, addressing pension issues under ERISA, and managing the city’s day-to-day operations.
  • Hinckley Allen served as debtor’s counsel in the Chapter 9 case of the Central Coventry Fire District, a municipal entity in Coventry, Rhode Island.  In that case, Hinckley Allen led efforts to negotiate with stakeholders, including secured lenders, employees, and municipal service providers, in an effort to reduce the debt of the municipal entity. Our attorneys also addressed operational inefficiencies of the district, explored financing options and potential legislative changes, and prepared a comprehensive plan of debt adjustment.


To learn more about our Municipal Restructuring / Chapter 9 Bankruptcy practice, please contact Jennifer V. Doran.

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