November 2018

Commercial Landlord Can’t Evict Chapter 11 Debtor

Jennifer V. Doran provides her insight regarding a recent court decision that determined a commercial landlord in Boston could not set aside the bankruptcy stay in a tenant's Chapter 11 case in order to pursue summary process eviction.

October 2018

Next deadline for the fate of Sears in Concord is coming fast

Jennifer V. Doran provides her insight to the Concord Monitor regarding the retailer's fate in Concord after its bankruptcy filing. How long can the Sears in the Steeplegate Mall delay their decision?

Concord Sears to remain open despite bankruptcy filing

John H. Sokul, Jr. discusses the retailer's latest developments, and its implications with the Concord Monitor. Read more here.

August 2018

Debtor can’t be bound by noncompete

Jennifer V. Doran is quoted in this article in Massachusetts Lawyer's Weekly regarding a recent Chapter 7 bankruptcy case involving a dentist. Read more here.

April 2018

Judge Enforces Pre-Petition Waiver of Bankruptcy Rights

Partner Jennifer Doran comments on recent case, In Re: A. Hirsch Realty, LLC, in which a judge decided to enforce pre-petition bankruptcy waivers for a secured creditor as part of the debtor's agreement in an earlier Chapter 11 reorganization.

October 2017

Revised SunEdison D&O Allocation Pact Gets Judge’s OK

Hinckley Allen attorneys Jennifer V. Doran and Kevin O'Connor are involved in the ex-SunEdison Exec's case. For Law360 members, read more about the developments of this case through the link provided.