September 2021

A Prospective on Future Force Majeure Court Decisions: Past Will (Mostly) be Prologue

A few months ago deep into the pandemic, many landlords were understandably concerned (with good reasons) that a few outlier court decisions on force majeure might totally upend some of their leases that they assumed were on solid grounds. The Newbury, LLC…

Recent Market Trends in Suburban Office Parks in Northern New England

As we head into fall, Partner John H. Sokul, Jr. shares a market trend involving suburban office parks in northern New England.Covid’s impact to the office market remains in flux. Many predicted that there would be a flight to safety from downtown locati…

July 2021

Subleasing: An Important Tool for Tenants and Landlords During the Pandemic and After

This article was featured in New England Real Estate Journal on July 30, 2021. To view the original, please click here.With the U.S. hitting an all-time high of 158 million s/f of subleased space as of July 2021, the spike in subleasing during the pandemic…

June 2021

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Office Leasing

To say that the effects of COVID-19 has transformed office leasing is an understatement. When COVID-19 was at its peak, office spaces were practically abandoned either through governmental mandates or through actions taken by businesses themselves. Relati…

February 2021

10 Outstanding Women Leaders: Jomarie Andrews: Beginning-to-End Excellence in Real Estate Law

Real Estate Partner Jorie Andrews was named one of the top 10 Outstanding Women Leaders in Commercial Real Estate for 2021. Read more about her achievements and career.

June 2020

How Businesses Can Convert Real Estate into Cash and Continue to Operate at the Property

The impacts of COVID-19 on businesses are being felt across industries and around the globe. The impacts to many US businesses have been profound and quick access to cash has become of critical importance to many companies. At the same time companies’ ca…