July 2019

Tariffs, Taxes, and Trade Wars: Using Material Price Escalation Clauses to Mitigate Risk in an Uncertain Political Climate

Current economic conditions and recent changes to trade policy governing the importation of goods crucial to construction activities—aluminum, steel, fuel, etc.—have had a significant impact on the cost of these and other goods in recent years. As a re…

June 2019

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Addresses Prevailing Wage Act Issues

The Massachusetts Supreme Court issued a 29-page opinion at the end of May that will be of interest to contractor-employers working public projects in Massachusetts. The article discusses two of the various issues addressed in the court's opinion: (1) the …

May 2019

The Bid Unit v. The Superior Court

When a bit issues arises, disappointed bidders usually have few options. Sometimes, raising an issue directly with the awarding authority can lead to resolution of the issue. More often than not, bidders will have to decide whether to pursue a bid protest …

March 2019

The Problem of Bad Actors in Construction

In any given week, you could run a few searches and find recent news articles about fraudulent or criminal contractor conduct in the world of construction. For example, in April of 2019, a branch manager for an insulation contractor pleaded guilty to bid-r…

February 2019

The Bid Unit of MA Issues Its First Significant Bid Protest Decision of 2019

Hear from our construction attorneys about what can be learned from the first decision of 2019 from the Bid Unit of Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General, based on a case that they defended.Read more on page 21 of The Construction Outlook magazine.

January 2019

The Dotted Line: Putting Together the Pieces of a Modular Project Contract

Read Ronald D. Ciotti's insights on prefabrication and modular construction in the latest part of "The Dotted Line" series here.