August 2021

A Robust Compliance Program Can Keep You Out of Trouble

Powerful compliance programs create systems that identify smaller infractions before they escalate and include ongoing education on best practices for employees. When compliance processes are working well, they touch all parts of your organization, from re…

November 2019

When Are Cannabis Cafés Coming to Massachusetts?

This month marks one year since legal adult-use marijuana sales began in Massachusetts and made the Bay State the first state on the East Coast to implement legal, recreational sales of cannabis. Since then, the Cannabis Control Commission has approved doz…

June 2018

Deepwater Wind Legal Strategies

Hinckley Allen Partner Gerald J. Petros discusses the trailblazing legal strategies that Hinckley Allen team implemented for his client, Deepwater Wind. In this live broadcast, Jerry discusses the multi-year process in developing an offshore wind farm, reg…

October 2017

Light at the end of the tunnel for US offshore wind power

Over the past 18 months the US offshore wind market has battled its way into existence, putting steel in the water and persuading politicians to put their necks on the line for a still-expensive technology with a virtually nonexistent workforce in the US.N…

August 2017

Five Questions with Jerry Petros

May 2016

Tribe Can’t Block Work on Wind Farm in Preservation Suit