January 2021

Importance of Foreign Conflict of Interest Policies and Disclosure Requirements: What We Can Learn From the 2019-2020 GAO Report

It is a new year and we have a new administration. However, one enforcement trend that remains in full force is the increased scrutiny of potential foreign influence on U.S.-based research, including concerning transparency regarding potential foreign conf…

August 2020

MyPayrollHR Michael Mann Pleads Guilty to Federal Bank Fraud Charges

Represented by former federal prosecutor, Hinckley Allen attorney Michael Koenig, CEO of MyPayrollHR, Michael Mann pleads guilty to bank fraud.View this case's previous coverage here.

April 2020

Law Enforcement Focus on the Health Care and Senior Living Industries During COVID-19

U.S.Law enforcement does not stop during troubling times, and that remains particularly true in the criminal, civil and regulatory enforcement fields. Indeed, it is often during and in the aftermath of crises that government ramps up its enforcement acti…

March 2020

Law Enforcement Actions in the Wake of COVID-19

The Department of Justice, State Attorney Generals and federal and state regulators will be vigilant and aggressive in identifying, investigating and prosecuting fraud. Industries that are involved in government contracting and receive federal and state…

November 2019

MyPayrollHR Operator Charged with Bank Fraud

Represented by former federal prosecutor, Hinckley Allen attorney, Michael Koenig, Michael Mann, CEO of MyPayrollHR was arrested and charged with bank fraud. 6 p.m.

October 2019

Meet the Albany defense attorney who represented Al Lawrence, the Moreland Commission and now MyPayrollHR’s Michael Mann

Read the Albany Business Review's interview with White Collar attorney Michael L. Koenig about how his practice developed, some of his most fascinating cases and his view on the importance of the justice system.