September 2021

New Standard Contractual Clauses Introduced For GDPR – Effective September 27, 2021

The European Commission has issued new “Standard Contractual Clauses” – or SCCs – for the transfer of personal data outside of the European Economic Area (including transfers to the United States) after September 27, 2021. Any existing contracts th…

May 2021

Are There Privacy Laws that Apply to Your (Small) Business?

Most people are aware of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in effect in the European Union and many are aware that the United States does not have a comparable federal law. The US has some industry-specific laws, such as the Health Insurance Po…

April 2018

Cryptocurrency Regulations are Taking Shape

As originally seen in Law Technology Today.Despite significant recent media coverage, questions remain regarding how regulators will treat cryptocurrencies. In light of these questions, it is critical for business leaders and investors to understand how U.

Does Your Business Have A Customer, User, Employee, Member, Investor, Or Prospect Who Lives In The European Economic Area?

If you answered "yes"If your business collects “personal data” from a resident of the European Union or of any of the additional three states in the European Economic Area, you must comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by Ma…

June 2017

Does a Ransomware Attack Mean There Was a Data Breach?

“Data held hostage.”  Years – even months – ago, the concept may have sounded absurd.  Today, it is becoming all too common. Ransomware has quickly become a household term, due, in part, to the recent WannaCry attack.  When a ransomware attack s…

March 2016

Data breach preparedness for NH businesses

Businesses today are collecting and storing more personal information than ever before, but their data security systems may not have kept pace.Data security plans are especially important for businesses in the Granite State, which has specific laws mandati…