September 2021

Scrutiny on Foreign Influence Continues with Institutions in the “Hot Seat”

The Government’s increased scrutiny on potential foreign influence on U.S. based research remains in full force. While the federal government continues to prosecute individual scientists alleged to have received – and not disclosed – foreign support …

March 2021

Navigating the Complex: A Conversation with Elizabeth J. McEvoy

Elizabeth McEvoy assists businesses and individuals in navigating complex, and often highly-regulated legal matters, both criminal and civil. Her experience includes negotiating pre-litigation resolutions, complex commercial litigation, and representing in…

February 2021

As Boston Sees White Collar ‘Boom,’ Hinckley Allen Bulks Up

High-profile cases in Boston are growing and Hinckley Allen is expanding the white collar practice to meet client need. Partners Michelle Peirce, Bruce Singal and Laura Angelini sat with Law360 to discuss.

January 2021

Importance of Foreign Conflict of Interest Policies and Disclosure Requirements: What We Can Learn From the 2019-2020 GAO Report

It is a new year and we have a new administration. However, one enforcement trend that remains in full force is the increased scrutiny of potential foreign influence on U.S.-based research, including concerning transparency regarding potential foreign conf…

May 2020

In the rush to address COVID-19 institutions face increased risk of data manipulation and research fraud

With the rush to understand the novel coronavirus, and grapple with its widespread effects on public health, the pressure to deliver the “right” results continues to grow and new research studies seem to be published daily delivering new conclusions ab…

Why Grantees Must be Prepared for Heightened Scrutiny of Conflicts of Interest in Foreign Support for US Research

United States law enforcement agencies are continuing to pursue their goal of cracking down on China’s efforts to capitalize on research funded by the United States and otherwise infiltrate American research institutions. On May 8, another researcher was…