March 2017

In uncertain times, GRATS can provide certain benefits

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Trusts & Estates 2017 Tax Update

This article summarizes federal and state wealth transfer and income tax laws that could affect your estate planning and discusses strategies for tailoring your estate plan to maximize tax savings.Federal Estate and Gift Tax. The current federal estate, gi…

December 2016

What Changes Might We Expect with Trump Presidency?

As a result of the recent election, both the executive and legislative branches of the federal government will be under Republican control. President-elect Donald Trump and the House Republicans have formulated their own tax plans, and changes to the tax c…

November 2016

Estate Planning for Non-Residents of Rhode Island

September 2016

Proposed New Rules Will Eliminate Discounts on Transfers of Interests in Family-Owned Entities

In September, the IRS announced proposed Treasury Regulations which, when finalized, will make sweeping changes to the way in which ownership interests in family-owned businesses or family-owned investment entities will be valued for federal estate, gift a…

May 2016

Trusts & Estates 2016 Tax Update

Recent years have seen significant shifts in estate, gift, and income tax policies at the federal level. However, after several years of changes, the federal tax landscape has stabilized somewhat. The following summarizes federal and state law that could a…