November 2018

Qualified Opportunity Zones: Insights from the Government’s New Guidance

Hinckley Allen published A Practical Guide to the Qualified Opportunity Zone Program, which details a promising new program contained in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that provides significant tax incentives for real estate investors in Qualified Opportun…

October 2018

Next deadline for the fate of Sears in Concord is coming fast

Jennifer V. Doran provides her insight to the Concord Monitor regarding the retailer's fate in Concord after its bankruptcy filing. How long can the Sears in the Steeplegate Mall delay their decision?

Concord Sears to remain open despite bankruptcy filing

John H. Sokul, Jr. discusses the retailer's latest developments, and its implications with the Concord Monitor. Read more here.

Key Lessons in Disclosure & Social Media from the Elon Musk and Tesla Inc. Settlement

*The settlement between Musk/Tesla and the SEC was approved by a U.S. District Judge on October 16, 2018. This article was updated accordingly on that date.Elon Musk and Tesla Inc. recently reached a settlement with the SEC, after the commission filed enfo…

September 2018

Recovery, Regulated: Compliance is Imperative for Addiction Treatment Programs

As the opioid crisis deepens—with more than two million Americans said to be dependent on prescription pain pills and street drugs—opioid treatment centers are part of a burgeoning industry estimated to reach over $42 billion by 2021. The 21st Century …

September 2018 update on FY 2019 federal budget sequestration affecting build America bonds and other direct pay subsidy bonds

Earlier this summer, the Internal Revenue Service announced that the percentage reduction, or budgetary sequestration rate, that will be applied to interest subsidy payments on so-called “direct-pay” bonds for fiscal year 2019 (which begins on October …