June 2018

Are Private Equity Firms the New Health-Care Fraud Target?

Hinckley Allen Partner Michael L. Koenig has been quoted by Bloomberg BNA's Health Care Reporter. Mike provides his legal opinion on what private equity firms need to consider in light of expanding False Claims Act liability and risk exposure.Private equit…

May 2018

VW CEO Given Rare U.S. Safe-Passage Deal

Partner Michael L. Koenig comments on Diess's rare safe-passage deal.

April 2018

Recent Lawsuit by Department Of Defense Reflects Possible Legal Risk for Private Equity Firms Involved In the Health Sector

A recent lawsuit filed by the U. S. Department of Defense highlights potential legal risk for private equity firms based on health care regulatory violations committed by firm portfolio companies. The complaint (United States ex rel. Medrano and Lopez v. D…

March 2018

U.S. Department of Justice Civil Division Nominee Promises to Focus on False Claims Act Enforcement in Combating the Opioid Epidemic

For organizations and individuals in the health care and life sciences sectors, fraud-related exposure is one of the most significant risks to be managed because it can have a profound detrimental impact on legal standing, finances, and reputation. Among t…

January 2018

Corruption Case Against Sen. Bob Menendez Damaged but Not Dead, Experts Say

Hinckley Allen Partner Michael L. Koenig provides commentary on the recent corruption case against United States Senator Bob Menendez to northjersey.com.

Missing from Mueller’s Interview of Sessions: A Criminal Lawyer

Hinckley Allen Partner Michael L. Koenig provides his legal perspective to Bloomberg, and comments on AG Jeff Sessions' decision to include a non-criminal attorney during a recent interview.