February 2019

Six FAQs on Federally Registering Your Trademark, Brand Name or Logo

Question 1: Why seek a federal (U.S.) trademark registration?There are six important reasons to seek federal registration of your trademark or brand name. Plans to expand your business into other regions of the U.S. Concern about importation of counterfe…

April 2018

Cryptocurrency Regulations are Taking Shape

As originally seen in Law Technology Today.Despite significant recent media coverage, questions remain regarding how regulators will treat cryptocurrencies. In light of these questions, it is critical for business leaders and investors to understand how U.

January 2015

Copyright Image Infringement

It’s so easy: You’re making a sales deck and you need a picture, a brochure would look a little better with an image, or you really need a still pulled from a movie to fill out a web page. So, you pull up a search engine, type in the keywords, copy, pa…

November 2014

Basics for US Companies Protecting Intellectual Property Internationally

All US-based businesses have intellectual property (“IP”) assets. For some businesses – such as consumer products or technology companies – these IP assets are evident. For other companies, what constitute IP assets requires a more thoughtful asses…

January 2014

Do You Have a Web Site? If Yes, Be Sure You Are in Compliance with California’s New Privacy Disclosure Requirements

A new California law took effect on January 1, 2014 that affects privacy policies and mobile application policies related to any web site or services accessible by consumers who are California residents. The new law is AB370, an amendment to the California…

October 2013

When Disaster Strikes