May 2014

Unique argument fails in mechanics’ lien case

February 2014

Business Plan is More Than a Roadmap, It’s a Tool

January 2014

‘No Damages For Delay’ Clause Doesn’t Bar Recovery, Rules Superior Court Judge

November 2013

Rhode Island Civil and Appellate Procedure with Commentaries

Rhode Island Civil and Appellate Procedure with Commentaries contains the complete, up-to-date versions of Rhode Island Rules of Civil Procedure and Rules of Appellate Procedure, complete with committee and reporter's notes and commentaries that offer expe…

October 2013

Rhode Island and Connecticut Pass New Employment Laws that Require Employer Action

Over the summer, Rhode Island enacted four new laws that will change the way employers operate.Beginning January 1, 2014, most public and private employers will no longer be permitted to ask applicants prior to their first interview, about their criminal c…

September 2013

Calling An Employee By Any Other Name Has Consequences

There has been a recent and growing trend of employers misclassifying employees as “independent contractors,” particularly in the construction industry. Contractors historically have relied on armies of skilled subcontractors to supplement their core w…