November 2014

Vote on Concord Poultry Processing Plant Tabled – Again

February 2014

Site Plan Modifications – Traps for the Unwary

Change is inevitable. Projects evolve. Seemingly simple changes to approved projects can sometimes cause unexpected complications. One project we recently worked on illustrates this. A client had obtained site plan approval for a restaurant. Before beginni…

Recognizing the Difference between a Lease and a License in Connecticut

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, a lease and a license are distinctly different under Connecticut law. In its simplest form, a lease is a contract that conveys an exclusive possessory leasehold interest in property; whereas, a license is …

Franchisor Issues in a Lease to a Franchisee: How to Avoid Allowing the Franchisor to Crash the Party

This article will address issues which arise in the context of a lease by a landlord to a franchisee and the issues raised by a franchisor in a proposed addendum to the lease. The franchisor has legitimate interests it desires to protect. A well-structured…

September 2013

Practical Tips for Presentations To Land Use Boards

The job of representing real estate developers in front of municipal planning and zoning boards presents lawyers with unique challenges that don’t often exist in the courtroom or the boardroom. The public planning board review process can make lawyers an…

May 2013

Real Property Law: Making the Case: Practical Tips for Presentations to Land Use Boards