December 2018

Holiday Shopping Seasons: How Local & National Retailers Adapt to New Shopping Habits

Changing shopping trends are more apparent as we're in the middle of the holiday shopping season. As a result of Amazon, rapid shipping, mobile shopping, and social media, Robin S. Malloy joins NHPR to discus local New Hampshire retailers and national tren…

November 2018

A Developer’s Guide to Mixed-use Developments

If one leafs through any real estate trade journal or visits local retailers, it becomes apparent that traditional retail is changing. Developers and retailers share the desire to create projects that attract people on many levels – to relax in interesti…

October 2018

Next deadline for the fate of Sears in Concord is coming fast

Jennifer V. Doran provides her insight to the Concord Monitor regarding the retailer's fate in Concord after its bankruptcy filing. How long can the Sears in the Steeplegate Mall delay their decision?

Concord Sears to remain open despite bankruptcy filing

John H. Sokul, Jr. discusses the retailer's latest developments, and its implications with the Concord Monitor. Read more here.

August 2018

Sears Saying Goodbye to Manchester After More than 80 Years

Partner John H. Sokul, Jr. provides the New Hampshire Union Leader with insights as to why Sears may be closing its Manchester, NH storefront after more than 80 years.

July 2018

On the Fence about Geofencing? Learn the Basics First

Technology is evolving and improving rapidly. In these changing times, retailers must adapt to, and embrace, new innovations to stay relevant. Geofencing is one method for retailers and landlords to learn about their customers, enhance the shopping experie…