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Partner’s Perspective: Advice for Hinckley Allen’s Summer Associate Class of 2019

This week we kick off our annual Summer Associate program. Each year, this program provides law students with an opportunity to learn first-hand about working in a law firm. In my role as Assignment Coordinator, it’s my job to provide them with the foundation that aspiring attorneys need to succeed. Our Summer Associates do meaningful work – supporting real cases, meeting a variety of clients and attending networking events with fellow colleagues. As they embark on their summer experience and we welcome our summer Class of 2019, I offer the following:

Grow your knowledge base

Take every opportunity presented. In particular, those to learn from partners or clients outside of the area of law you believe you want to pursue. The skills and knowledge you’ll gain from this exposure and moments outside your comfort zone, will help you in whichever area of law you decide to pursue. As a Summer Associate, I was exposed to high profile cases and news worthy matters simply by being present.

Develop your network

This summer will have a learning curve, use this to your advantage.  Take the time to focus on the quality and detail of your work. Use the tools law school has given you to become an integral part of our team. The more value you add, the stronger your relationships will become. Reflecting on my own experience, I am grateful that this program made me comfortable participating in areas of the law that were new to me. Because of this, as a junior level Associate, I was able to help Partners on complex, sophisticated business transactions, especially in the business aviation space. I’ve since built a strong and ongoing relationships with these Partners, who have continued to act as my mentors.

Develop professionally

At Hinckley Allen, we care about each other’s professional development at every level. In my transition from an Associate to Partner, I focused on learning to delegate work in a way that sets others up for success. This allows me to better serve you during this program. Come to me with your goals, tell me what you are aspiring to accomplish, and it’s my job to get you there. Having walked a similar path I will strive to understand what you need and provide you with the corresponding growth opportunities.

This is a big step along your career path to becoming an attorney. We understand how important it is and have designed our program to set the right tone for you to start your legal career. At its completion we want you to be confident in your ability to face new challenges and to be feel a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. Welcome to Hinckley Allen, we look forward to seeing your future take shape here.

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