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The International Compendium of Construction Contracts

Construction & Public Contracts Partner Wendy K. Venoit co-authored the United States chapter of The International Compendium of Construction Contracts.

From De Gruyter:

This book examines how the most commonly used construction project contracts are applied in a range of countries around the world. The specific situation of each of the almost 40 countries studies is dealt with in a dedicated chapter, allowing for easy comparison between differing legal and commercial environments. Each chapter contextualizes the relevant contracts within the legal and commercial systems prevalent in a particular country and examines a number of common issues impacting construction projects around the world.

This unique book will be an essential resource for construction law specialists around the world because of its focus on commonly used contracts and the contextualizing of these contracts into the legal and commercial environment of each studied country. All contributions are from practicing construction project lawyers ensuring that the quality of the information and analysis is of the highest standard.

  • Examines the key construction contracts through the lens of the most commonly used standard form contracts.
  • The country by chapter format provides an easy way to identify similarities and differences between countries and legal systems.
View the publication here (subscription may be required).