Clients have told us they rely on our firm because we combine sound, strategic thinking with smart, tireless advocacy. They note that we’re conscientious about allocating resources, helping them rein-in costs. They’re confident we can represent them locally, regionally, and internationally armed with a deep understanding of their business. Our clients come from a wide range of industries to work with attorneys who are immersed in their specialties with rich networks and in-depth perspective. The results we achieve through the strength of our client relationships help explain why our attorneys have been recognized by their peers as some of the best in the country, and why so many of our clients recommend us to others.

98% of surveyed clients say they’ll stick with us.

We regularly ask our clients how we’re performing in a formal anonymous survey. And we’re often humbled by the results. In our most recent survey, we received some of the highest scores our researchers have seen with regard to satisfaction and client loyalty. We think it’s in recognition of the responsiveness, value, and results we consistently deliver.

Your team of trusted advisors and steadfast champions.

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