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West Hartford Housing Authority – Market Rate and Work Force Housing

Real Estate, Land Use & Development

The West Hartford Housing Authority is a quasi-public entity whose mission is to create and preserve housing opportunities in the Greater West Hartford region and help residents to maintain their independence.

This project involved applications for a zone change, wetlands and design district approvals to construct thirty-two market rate and fifteen work force housing units. Because of the sensitive nature of this development, the firm created a strategy for the Authority which involved numerous meetings with the Design Review Committee to hone the plans to an acceptable form. A number of charrettes with neighbors were also held and modifications were made to the plans, where possible, to accommodate neighborhood concerns. We worked with our engineering consultants to address neighbor and Town concerns regarding storm drainage in the area. The construction of this housing will continue the Town’s efforts to revitalize the Elmwood section of West Hartford and continue the Town’s initiative to provide a wide range of housing units.