Industry Overview

To meet the demands of “Industry 4.0,” manufacturers are rethinking their production lines—and their strategies. Globalization, faster-moving inventories, internet of things (IoT), robotics, Augmented Reality, and new financing models are some of the forces reshaping the sector. The ability to provide consumers and business customers with greater customization, while moving faster and reducing costs via technologies like 3D printing and smart manufacturing, is becoming table stakes for manufacturers of all description. Navigating global markets and supply chains adds more layers of negotiations, international contracts and regulatory concerns to the equation.

Our Approach

Whether a manufacturing client’s need are broad and ongoing or focused and episodic, Hinckley Allen attorneys have demonstrated success. Our team approach—with deep understanding of technology, business, finance, and the day-to-day realities of companies that produce tangible goods—has bolstered the efforts of a diverse roster of innovative firms.

Robust, cross-disciplinary collaboration positions our counsel to match the new demands of efficiency and connectivity, while focusing on results that benefit our manufacturing clients.