Globalaw at a Glance

The international network of Globalaw allows Hinckley Allen, as the sole New England member, to extend our service offerings to our clients with global goals. Whether you are looking to expand across borders or part of an international transaction, you can feel confident that our team has the local connections and knowledge to get the deal done.


over 100


with 9 in the U.S.
over 4,500


across 165


over 85


Superior Client Service

A well-coordinated network, built on care and trust, the members of Globalaw meet often, allowing for personal connections. This fosters a special network that is motivated and responsive to assist.

Trusted Extension

Globalaw allows us to seamlessly address and respond to client needs thanks to a personal and collaborative relationship with fellow member firms. Our attorneys know and trust each other.

Substantive Excellence

This allows us to provide our clients with timely, superior legal representation anywhere in the world. Globalaw member firms cover a full range of practice areas and provide great depth and breadth of legal excellence and business acumen.

Industry & Market Expertise

This carefully developed network of domestic and international law firms enables our attorneys to expand and leverage their industry expertise and market knowledge, thereby providing our clients the best legal and business advice possible throughout the world.