Industry Overview

The construction industry is facing new opportunities, along with significant challenges in the upcoming years. New practices in sustainable construction have arisen from the spate of high-profile natural disasters, with additional resiliency requirements being imposed. An uptick in federal infrastructure investment is expected to continue, in addition to projects spurred by new financing options and a loosening of regulatory oversight. A tight labor force will continue to encourage the adoption of technology and offsite construction in order to meet demand. Being prepared to leverage these opportunities will require being able to successfully navigate the new regulatory landscape—while safeguarding contracts and negotiations.

Our Approach

We have built a national reputation for seasoned legal counsel within the most demanding reaches of the construction business. With more than 30 attorneys dedicated to this practice—working alongside specialists in complimentary disciplines such as taxation, real estate, energy, and litigation—we are known for the results we achieve for construction clients of all descriptions. Our construction attorneys are continually recognized as first-tier influencers within the industry who have earned the respect of clients, judges, hearing officers, arbitrators, and opposing counsel.

News & Insight

Firm News

Hinckley Allen Construction Practice Named to The Top 50 Construction Law Firms™

June 7, 2021

Hinckley Allen is proud to announce that it was ranked 12th in The Top 50 Construction Law Firms™ by Construction Executive magazine.Associated Builders and Contractors Service Corporation, a national industry trade organization consisting of 21,000 memb…


Material Price Escalation – What is a Contractor to Do?

August 17, 2021

This article was featured in the Winter 2022 edition of USLAW. To view the PDF, please click here.The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic continues to plague the construction industry in many ways, but perhaps the most significant erosion to the contractor…


A Robust Compliance Program Can Keep You Out of Trouble

August 23, 2021

Powerful compliance programs create systems that identify smaller infractions before they escalate and include ongoing education on best practices for employees. When compliance processes are working well, they touch all parts of your organization, from re…


Prevent Your Work Site From Becoming a White Collar Crime Scene

August 17, 2021

Public construction projects are the backbone of any community, paid for and overseen by the state or local government.  They provide infrastructure and jobs, boosting local economies. These kinds of projects are also subject to a slew of regulations that…


Ways to Maintain Compliance with Regulations Concerning Women and Minority-Owned Businesses

August 27, 2021

Federal, state, and local agencies often have rules encouraging businesses to award contracts to disadvantaged business enterprises, women-owned businesses, or minority-owned businesses (referred to as “DBEs” here for convenience). Oftentimes, complyin…

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