2018 Ethics Seminar

When: 06/27/2018 AT 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Where: Omni Providence Hotel, Providence, RI

Each year, Hinckley Allen hosts an ethics seminar. Guest speaker Kenneth R. Landis from ALAS, Inc. will join us to discuss “The Intersection of Ethics and Technology: Duties of Competence and Confidentiality.”

About this seminar:

Competence is a core ethical obligation for lawyers.  The duty of competence requires lawyers to maintain the necessary knowledge and skill to do their jobs.  The digital age has dramatically changed the way lawyers practice law, as they take advantage of new and improved technologies that allow greater efficiencies, faster communication, and unlimited options for handling, transmitting, and storing information.  This sea change not only occurred rapidly, it continues to develop briskly, further altering lawyers’ practice approaches.

Lawyers also have a corresponding duty to protect both client and certain third-party information, which can be compromised with the use of technology.  Given these developments, lawyers will have to exercise caution when selecting and using technology, and assessing its risks, benefits, and limitations, as part of a their duties to remain competent and to safeguard information.

This program will explore this aspect of competence and its impact on how lawyers can get this job done.

MCLE approved. CLE credit will be made available. For further information or any questions, please contact Danielle Amabile at damabile@hinckleyallen.com.

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