American Arbitration Association Construction Law Conference

When: 03/23/2018
Speaker: Wendy K. Venoit
Other Speakers: Todd Bressler, L. Tyrone Holt, and Christopher C. Whitney
Where: Santa Monica, CA

Hinckley Allen Partner Wendy K. Venoit will be speaking about “Job Site Emails, Critical Path Updates, Change Orders…How to Effectively Manage Documents, Evidence and Electronic Discovery in Construction Arbitration.” Construction Projects and Disputes are both fact intensive and document intensive. Effective information management can be critical not only to the success of the Project, but also the success of the litigants in construction arbitration and dispute resolution. This panel will discuss strategies for effective information management during the Project and during the dispute resolution process, as well as how to effectively manage, produce and present electronic and documentary evidence at the arbitration hearing.

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About the AAA:

The AAA provides attorneys, arbitrators, mediators and others interested in the area of dispute resolution with course flexibility, allowing individuals to enhance their knowledge and skills at times convenient to their schedules. Options include in-person classroom programs, webinars, and self-paced study series covering a wide range of dispute resolution and conflict management topics, particularly arbitration and mediation, all of which are taught by experts in the field, most notably members of the AAA/ICDR National Panel of Arbitrators & Mediators.

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