Construction SuperConference 2018

When: 12/10/2018 to 12/12/2018
Speakers: Ronald D. Ciotti, Wendy K. Venoit
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

Two of Hinckley Allen’s Partners are participating at this year’s annual Construction SuperConference. Both Wendy Venoit and Ronald Ciotti will be speaking in back-to-back panels about current trends in the construction industry.

About Ronald’s Presentation:

Prefabricated and modular construction are growing rapidly in use, and offer serious advances. Partner Ronald D. Ciotti will be speaking at the Construction SuperConference on “Game Change! Why Prefabrication and Modular Construction Doesn’t Fit Your Traditional Legal Approach and How to Tailor These Advancements!” Ron and his colleagues will provide participants with the knowledge of how prefabrication and modular construction can change the law’s traditional application to the construction project, how to spot problematic clauses, and how the terms of a traditional construction contract should be altered for these modern advances. For more info on the panel, click here.

About Wendy’s Presentation:

Construction projects and disputes are both fact intensive and document intensive. Partner Wendy K. Venoit will be speaking at the Construction SuperConference on “AAA – Project Data and E-Discovery in the Arbitration Process: How to Pro-Actively Collect and Manage the Presentation of Evidence.” Venoit and her colleagues will discuss how to effectively manage and document critical information at the project management level, how to be proactive in the retrieval and production of documents in a “smart” way, and how to present electronic and documentary evidence in an efficient and cost-effective manner. For more info on the panel, click here.

About Construction SuperConference:

The Construction SuperConference, now in its 33rd year, is recognized as the preeminent construction conference developed for mid- to senior-level professionals who work in any of the legal and commercial construction markets.  Impactful plenary sessions and compelling panel discussions from top legal, consulting, and leaders of construction companies bring to the forefront challenging issues and new insights into the legal, business, and economic challenges and opportunities in today’s construction industry. Learn more here.

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