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How to Handle the Probate Process

When: 10/04/2018
Other Speakers: Robert E. Bollengier, Ralph M. Kinder, and Rebecca M. Murphy
Where: Warwick, Rhode Island

Kate N. Kishfy is presenting with the National Business Institute’s seminar “How to Handle the Probate Process.” This seminar will provide a comprehensive guide to the probate process, ensuring that those who attend are armed with detailed, step-by-step information to proficiently navigate through the process.

Kate will lead the discussion around:

  1. Ethical issues in probate
    • Learn about competent representation, establishing who the client is, conflicts of interest considerations, confidentiality in communication, and attorney fees and engagement agreements.
  2. The spouse’s elective share and probate estate
    • Learn how to determine the elective share estate, step-by-step procedures, homestead rights, the spouse’s right of election, and satisfying the elective share.

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