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Top Mistakes Nonprofits Make

When: 10/25/2018
Other Speakers: Brooks R. Magratten, Elizabeth Manchester, and Robert M. Singer
Where: Warwick, Rhode Island

Kate N. Kishfy joins National Business Institute’s “Top Mistakes Nonprofits Make.” This seminar provides continuing education credit to those who wish to discover how to avoid (and handle) tax problems, governance oversights, transaction and accounting mistakes, and more.

Kate provides her insight in avoiding the most common mistakes including:

  1. IRS focus on nonprofits: common errors
    • Review state and federal reporting and filing oversights, tax-exempt misconceptions, failure to abide by IRS standards, the IRS form 990 mistakes, as well as UBIT/UBTI slip-ups.
  2. Donor errors, gift mistakes, and fundraising problems
    • How to manage donor restricted funds, proper donor acknowledgements, gift reporting, charitable solicitation and gift receipting, issuing charitable gift annuities in states where not registered to do so, gift holding periods for over-valued donations, failure to report to IRS and donor when gifts sold for less than appraised value, and fundraising mistakes.

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