Our seasoned and knowledgeable attorneys serve as counsel to leading corporate trustees worldwide. Knowing the nature and satisfaction of their document-based duties and fiduciary responsibilities, we can advise you in all aspects of your trust, custodial, administrative, and agency matters. We provide you with experienced and measured counsel across the full spectrum of corporate trust situations, including transaction closing, post-closing, and administration issues. We offer default and bankruptcy counsel that strives to protect your interests throughout negotiations, settlements, and proceedings.

A comprehensive perspective helps anticipate issues and minimize risk.

We are guided by principles of responsiveness, cost efficiency, and accuracy. Our corporate trust attorneys concentrate on representing and protecting corporate trustees as well as delivering results—and value—in a challenging market. As a business-focused firm, Hinckley Allen offers a broad understanding of the latest developments in the legal, administrative, and transactional environment in which corporate trustees operate.


We offer a full compliment of services related to corporate trusts, including:

  • Default administration
  • Bankruptcy counsel specific to corporate trust matters
  • Regulatory and corporate advice
  • Structured finance matters

We advise corporate trustees on matters regarding:

  • Residential and commercial mortgages, equipment leases, automobile loans, credit cards, trade accounts, tender option bonds, and other loan-backed vehicles, including collateralized loan obligations and collateralized debt obligations
  • Escrow and specialized agency transactions
  • Corporate debt transactions (including high-yield, TIA-qualified, and privately placed debt, rule 144A, and regulation S offerings)
  • Cross-border transactions
  • Municipal financing (including industrial development, housing bond programs, military housing bonds, health care and educational facility projects, HUD242 financings, professional sports stadium financings, public-private partnership (P3) financings, and other types of tax-exempt and taxable bond transactions)
  • Municipal bond defaults
  • Project finance workouts

We provide counsel and policy guidance on issues such as:

  • Best practices for internal document creation and review
  • Best practices for risk mitigation
  • Legal and risk analysis procedures for new transactions
  • Procedures development


  • We served as counsel to the collateral trustee and depositary bank on the Minnesota Vikings stadium financing.
  • We represented the trustee and paying agent for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico’s issuance of its tax and revenue anticipation notes.
  • We represented the trustee, paying agent, and bond registrar in connection with the New York City Transitional Finance Authority’s issuance of its future tax-secured subordinate bonds.
  • We served as counsel to the collateral agent on a $260 million loan to Dominical Power Partners in connection with the conversion of its combustion turbines (located at its natural gas power plant in the Dominican Republic) into combined cycle power generation units.
  • We served as counsel to the collateral agent and account bank in connection with a refinery supply and products offtake facility. North Atlantic Refinery Ltd. entered into an agreement with the commodities unit of a large financial institution in which such institution agreed to purchase refined product supply. Purchase payments were controlled to support the purchase of crude product from BP.
  • We have represented exchange agents and paying agents on numerous mergers and acquisitions, including, Roche Molecular System’s acquisition of IQuum Inc., WPP’s acquisition of InsightExpress Inc., and the Nielsen Company’s acquisition of Affinnova Inc.
  • We have served as counsel to fiscal agents on several cross-border note issuances, including issuances by the Gabonese Republic, the Kingdom of Jordan, and the Governments of Canada and Ukraine.
  • We served as counsel to the indenture trustee and collateral agent in connection with the National Hockey League’s $1.4 billion league-wide financing.
  • We represented the indenture trustee on several ABS securitizations for auto and equipment lease issuers including, Honda, Nissan, Navistar, GE, CNH and CIG.
  • We served as counsel to the indenture trustee on several mortgage-backed resecuritizations, including issuances by RBS, Morgan Stanley, and Citi.