Crisis Response & Management

Faced with a significant accident, catastrophic failure, or other crises, you are forced to act quickly, but you can still act wisely with counsel and guidance from Hinckley Allen. We help you weather difficult situations and mitigate the repercussions from crises to the greatest extent possible.

Construction & Public Contracts Law - Crisis Response & Management

This isn’t the time to improvise or do it alone.

Our Professionals

Our crisis management services include:


  • Early case and risk assessment
  • Assistance in interactions with government agencies and the media
  • Internal and external factual investigations
  • Counsel in preserving evidence
  • Identification and engagement of experts/witnesses
  • Implementing a forensic response


To learn more about our Construction & Public Contracts practice, please contact one of our Practice Group Chairs: Joel Lewin: Chair, James Barriere: Vice Chair or Timothy T. Corey: Vice Chair.

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