Faced with a significant accident, catastrophic failure, or other crises, you are forced to act quickly, but you can still act wisely with counsel and guidance from Hinckley Allen. We help you weather difficult situations and mitigate the repercussions from crises to the greatest extent possible.

This isn’t the time to improvise or do it alone.

We have the experience, expertise, and capacity to manage your response in real time because the decisions you make have great impact on the crisis at-hand. We help you take appropriate action to preserve evidence, minimize further damage, and deal proactively with the authorities and media.


Our crisis management services include:

  • Early case and risk assessment
  • Assistance in interactions with government agencies and the media
  • Internal and external factual investigations
  • Counsel in preserving evidence
  • Identification and engagement of experts/witnesses
  • Implementing a forensic response


Along with a government agency, Hinckley Allen was brought in quickly for a sewage treatment crisis. We successfully managed all aspects of the issue. For example: internal/external investigation, surety, personal injury.

We have deep experience with construction site accidents. We work closely with engineers and other attorneys to ensure each step of the resolution process is handled quickly and appropriately.

Our best results are achieved when we are involved early in the process. We are able to provide appropriate council immediately as issues unfold.

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