Private Equity & Joint Venture

In today’s volatile capital markets, real estate has become an increasingly popular asset class. Reasons include diversification, stable cash flows over capital appreciation, a desire for tangible assets, and opportunities for tax deferral. The larger real estate investment deals are often structured as joint ventures, both for new construction and existing, cash-flowing properties. Risk-tolerance, desire for control, capital contribution requirements, and sponsor promote can vary greatly. However, investors want their development partners vertically integrated—to provide development, management, and leasing services, as well as fund-raising capabilities. Development partners need to have skin in the game and provide their expertise at a competitive rate. At Hinckley Allen, we understand that clients expect the same from us.

Real Estate Law - Joint Venture

A deep working knowledge—on many levels.

Our Professionals

We provide services around every aspect of joint ventures, including:


  • Negotiation and documentation of joint ventures and fund raising, including:
    • Multi-party joint ventures
    • Pooled investment entities
    • Offering memoranda
    • Subscription agreements
    • Management contracts
    • Development agreements
  • Representation in agreements for sponsors, equity partners, and investors
  • Counsel in structuring complex financing and investment partnerships for projects, such as:
    • Raising capital
    • Promote structures
    • Put/call agreements
    • Calculating Internal Rates of Return (IRR)
    • Allocations of capital contributions
    • Exit strategies
    • Allocating responsibilities for cost overruns
    • Consequences for failing to make required capital contributions and other defaults
    • Decision making control


To learn more about our Private Equity & Joint Venture practice, please contact one of our Practice Group Chairs: John H. Sokul: Chair, or Scott E. Cooper: Co Chair.

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