September 2013

A Bridge FAR Enough? New Federal Acquisition Regulation Rule Standardizes Contractor Past Performance Evaluation Ratings

Prospective federal contractors have long been calling for more uniformity and consistency in the collection and application of contractor past performance evaluations. Insufficient and unreliable data have had the unwanted effect of reducing the significa…

August 2013

The Modern Problem of Limitless Liability in Public Contracting Afforded by the Ancient Doctrine of Nullum Tempus Occurrit Regis

April 2013

Navigating the 16 Mandatory Steps of Federal Affirmative Action Compliance

As any contractor who has performed work for the federal government knows, federal and federally-assisted construction contracts carry myriad requirements and protocols that contractors and subcontractors must follow to be paid – and, in many cases, to a…

The King Is Dead; Long Live the King: The Connecticut Supreme Court Resurrects Stale Claims by the State

Picture this scenario: You are a contractor, surety, or design professional. You completed a construction project for the State over a decade ago. The State accepted the project and raised no claims regarding your work. Surely you have no need to worry abo…