May 2019

Tips for Recreational Marijuana Use Policies in “Social Model” Assisted Living Residences

As more states consider legalizing recreational marijuana, assisted living residences (ALRs) face a unique challenge: residents that chose to use this product.  Formal guidance regarding how ALRs should address a resident’s use of recreational marijuana…

April 2019

Assange’s Long Standoff Ends With U.K. Arrest, U.S. Hack Charges

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested and charged in the U.S. with conspiracy, partner Michael Koenig comments.

Boston Bar Leads Groundbreaking Collaboration to Provide Public Outreach for Students’ Rights

A member of the Boston Bar Association's (BBA) Public Interest Leadership Program, Jared L. Shwartz remarks on a new project designed to dismantle the cradle-to-prison pipeline in Massachusetts. The project is a collaboration between the BBA and Greater Bo…

SCOTUS to Hear Argument on FOIA’s Confidential Information Exemption

In April, the Supreme Court will, for the first time, hear argument on a case that requires it to grapple with Exemption Four of the Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA"), exempting trade secrets and confidential information. Alexa T. Millinger discusses thi…

March 2019

First Line of Defense: How Businesses Use the First Amendment to Overrule Government Laws and Regulations

Today, the First Amendment has become a potent weapon of choice for companies to challenge government regulations. William S. Fish, Jr. explores this issue while highlighting key cases and trends throughout the country. Read the full text here.

Memorized client list is “confidential information”

Christina L. Lewis provides insight into the importance of the judge's decision in Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC v. Callinan, et al..