October 2019

Meet the Albany defense attorney who represented Al Lawrence, the Moreland Commission and now MyPayrollHR’s Michael Mann

Read the Albany Business Review's interview with White Collar attorney Michael L. Koenig about how his practice developed, some of his most fascinating cases and his view on the importance of the justice system.

September 2019

MyPayrollHR Operator Charged with Bank Fraud

Represented by former federal prosecutor, Hinckley Allen attorney, Michael Koenig, Michael Mann, CEO of MyPayrollHR was arrested and charged with bank fraud. 6 p.m.

Judge Vacates $6.5M Trade Secrets Verdict, Awards New Trial

Our veteran Litigation group, successfully overturned a $6.5 million trade secrets verdict on behalf of our client, ALCOR Scientific.  After years of litigation and a three-week trial, our lawyers prevailed against all patent and copyright infringement co…

Policing Your Trademark Or Service Mark

Federal registration is a major step in the protection of your brand name as a trademark or service mark provides your company with exclusive rights and peace of mind that your brand is protected. U.S.In general, policing your trademark rights has the bene…

August 2019

How Not to Advertise Your Recreational Marijuana Business in Massachusetts: Neon Signs and Other Prohibited Practices

Most businesses in Massachusetts are free to market their business using a variety of creative advertising methods. Neon signs? Usually no problem. Vinyl-wrapped vehicles? Great exposure. Hosting a giveaway or handing out coupons? A good way to get new cus…

Rhode Island Noncompete Legislation

On July 15, 2019, Governor Gina Raimondo signed into law the Rhode Island Noncompetition Agreement Act ("the Act"). Rhode Island joins a growing list of states (including neighboring Massachusetts) that have enacted legislation to significantly restrict th…