October 2021

Further Guidance from the Delaware Court of Chancery on Fraud in the M&A Context

In its August 12, 2012 ruling on a motion to dismiss in Online HealthNow, Inc. v. CIP OCL Invs., LLC, the Delaware Court of Chancery answered some of the previously open questions regarding fraud in the M&A context, specifically when a plaintiff can br…

July 2021

Business Lawyer William Fish: Now’s Time to Acquire Businesses in Financial Distress, Especially in Senior-Housing Sector

In a recent Connecticut Law Tribune article, Partner William Fish Jr. described seeing a changing landscape due to the global pandemic that includes representing individuals and entities looking to acquire distressed businesses.“In terms of opportunities…

Maintaining Variety: A Conversation with Libbie Howley O’Keeffe

Libbie Howley O’Keeffe is a corporate and business lawyer who specializes in diverse business and finance transactions. Her work encompasses business planning, transactional matters, commercial lending, financing, corporate and regulatory compliance issu…

May 2021

“Should I Hire a M&A Banker?”

This question was posed to me recently by a client looking to sell its business, and the answer was an emphatic “yes.” Every situation is different and should be reviewed in light of its specific facts and circumstances, but in most cases the answer wi…

March 2021

Recent Hart-Scott-Rodino Developments & Coming Attractions

The FTC slightly lowered the HSR thresholds for M&A and other transactions closing on or after March 4, 2021. The FTC/DOJ has suspended the ability of HSR filers to request early termination of the statutory HSR waiting period. Senator Klobuchar re…

February 2021

Corporate Deal Report 2020- By the Numbers

See how we drove significant results for clients in 2020.